PERFECT|ATTENDANCE: Homeroom@Subtext Gallery

You know me…I’m a sucker for art & anything that takes me back to those velcro reebok & recess days.

So, when I heard about Subtext Gallery‘s newest exhibit, Homeroom, in less than a heartbeat, I knew exactly where I was going this weekend.  Along with my art-ner in crime, artist ARPed, we took a little trip down memory lane.

For Homeroom, guest curator, Christina Conway had a handful of INSANELY talented artists re-create drawings they did as children.

And, the results were stunning – tangible evidence that as we get older, it’s not that we lose our imagination, it just gets shaped sometimes beyond recognition by the myriad experiences we have as the years pass.

Images become deeper, darker, more complex.

As a kid, if you wanna be a princess, you draw a girl with a tiara.  As an adult, that princess takes on a completely different form say, covered in tattoos because our standard of beauty has evolved. and we don’t have to use those fat yellow pencils anymore. haha. It’s such an intriguing contrast to witness.

Ladies & gents, you need to check this one out.  For real.  It’ll tug at your little kidult heart strings.  And yeah, maybe even make you re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life a little because the biggest wakeup call sometimes is being reminded of your 8 year old self.

But, trust me, it’s a trip worth taking.

Homeroom will be at Subtext Gallery in Little Italy, Nov.11-Dec. 11, 2011.

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2 responses to “PERFECT|ATTENDANCE: Homeroom@Subtext Gallery

  1. J Love

    wow…. so cool. i love these pics!!!

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