There’s magic in Halloween, guys.

The past few days have been fun…like, REALLY fun!

You get to wear whatever you want, BE whatever you want, eat copious amounts of tiny chocolates,

and are encouraged, EXPECTED to think creatively & boldly.

On Halloween, people open their minds & embrace the 8 year old in them once again…

and it’s pretty freakin amazing to witness.

I saw a unicorn enjoying an IPA & he was majestic. I saw Snow White watering her plants.  I saw a frog walking her little winged dog.  A family of witches at twilight crossed the street & in the distance, sccarreey music blared.

Like I said, amazing.

So, this month starts with a refreshed outlook…

wear what you want, do what makes you happy, dream big…

because, well, WHY NOT?

Happy November!

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2 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY-ish

  1. This post is charming! I love everything you said! There’s something so magical about lit pumpkins and sipping root beer in the cold!

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