STYLE|OG: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani just might be the love of my life.

I’m going to date myself here, but I’ve been in love/obsessed with her style since those Tragic Kingdom days.  If you’re trying to do the math, it’s been…

…16 years.

I’ve loved every stage of her style evolution – from those beginning punk/ska bindhi-filled days, to the super glam Harajuku Lover we know now.  Ok, the pink braces – not so much.  The girl can dress up or down, hang with the fashion elite or just be “one of the boys”…

she’ll rock the craziest, mish-mash of looks but it always works…because it’s always uniquely her.

True style.

I could go on for days…but I’ll just save it for another post.  Her street style is equally amazing…

original InStyle Nov. 2011 editorial via


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One response to “STYLE|OG: Gwen Stefani

  1. She is def one of my fave style icons! Punk glam!

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