Yesterday, I was joking but not really with a customer about why I never wear white…because whenever I do, there is a 100% chance I’m going to get it dirty.

And this customer, with her perfect little French accent, said to me,” Well, what eeez a little dirt? If eeet makes you happy, that’s all that matters.  Eeezn’t the joy of wearing somesing you like worth a leeettle stain?  Life’s too short!”

Yes, yes it is, Mademoiselle Awesome.

I thanked her perhaps, a little overzealously for inspiring me & assured her I was SO wearing white tomorrow.

To which she responded,” Why wait? Change when you get home.  Be free!”

Needless to say, this customer made my day!

So, be free, my friends.  Live boldy & fearlessly…and rock the hell out of that white shirt

…and by “white shirt,” I mean…your Life.

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