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I know, I know, it’s like 70 degrees outside. Sun is shining. Nice soft breeze. Not quite layering season yet…ok, NOWHERE near layering season yet.  But it’s TECHNICALLY Fall & despite the fact that it’s flip-flop weather, I STILL get all bent out of shape over cozy jackets, cute boots, and how many pieces I can layer without looking like a marshmallow.

While menswear remains on trend for Fall 2011, I’m all about boyswear this season blame it on my tenacious refusal to grow up.  It might sound a little strange and perhaps a tad creepy, but my biggest style inspirations right now are sartorial adolescents of the male persuasion again, I felt like saying “boys” was…creepy. haha.

So, aaanywaay…here’s what I’m coveting for Fall slash-Winter:

1. Button-Ups :: Because they’re easy & perfect for layering AND mixing prints…

2. Quirky scarves :: Because they’re pretty much the only way you can get away with wearing random animal prints…

3. Jacket Problem :: 3 Jackets I’d wear so hard: The Double-breasted Blazer, The Faux Leather Bomber, & The Jake Ryan (aka: The Varsity Jacket).

4. Ugly Sweaters :: Because Christmas is coming early this year…year-round ugly sweaters, baby…it’s happening.

5. Man Shoes :: Because they’re comfy& stylish…and my old laceless chucks were vetoed by…everyone.

6. Sweet Tees :: Because they’re an easy, effortless way to add a pop of color…also, they too are comfy.

7. Aviators & Beanie :: Because bad hair days happen to good people…especially when they’re lazy and go to bed with wet hair.

8. Skinnies Galore :: 3 Skinnies that I Think About Maybe More than I Should: The Colored Skinny, The Corduroy Skinny, & sigh The Waxed Skinny…because I don’t really wear dresses on an everyday basis, or really, at all.

via button-ups: leopard, plaid, denim|scarves: 1, 2, 3, 4|jackets: blazer, bomber, varsity| sweaters: maroon, gnome, striped|shoes: skulls, cheetah, brown, boots|tees: gray, yellow, maroon|aviators|beanie|skinnys: colorful, corduroy, waxed.



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3 responses to “LUST|LIST: FALL 2011

  1. I LOVE your blog!! It’s got a very positive vibe, and I’ve been browsing through your posts. Great quotes, and great style (: !!

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