TRANSITIONAL|DEVICES: Striped Tee&Denim Shorts


not to be confused with a whisker watch alert, of course.

I’m calling this one tran•si•tion•al devices…because it helps you transition from one season to the next, all nice & fluid-like.  Also, transitional devices are used in grammar. So, if you didn’t get the reference…well, there it is. haha.


Oh, Fall…how I do love thee.

Pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves well, in other parts of the country, and layering…

sweet, sweet layering.

It’s a skill, really…kind of like mixing paints.

If you do it right, you get the most amazing color.

If you do it wrong, you get brown…or dark brown.

Layering is no different – when done right, you’re stylish AND warm.

When done wrong, you’re…the Michelin man.

The key is to layer lightweight pieces made from natural fabrics.

They’ll keep you warm WITHOUT adding bulk:)

Starter kit: tee|shorts|belt. Fall: shirt|sweater|tights|boots. Winter: jacket|scarf|socks|boots.


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