ON|REPEAT: Great Wall…Art

I love being humbled in a field I’m genuinely passionate about.  Is that weird?  I actually LIKE getting schooled when it comes to art.  It’s about intrepid vulnerability – the willingness to be humbled in a way that betters you.  We get these egos & somewhere along the way, not knowing something became synonymous with weakness.  But when has education ever been a weakness?  To me, art is worth that vulnerability.

This video…humbles me in the best way possible.  It makes me re-evaluate all the work I’ve created in the past, forcing me to ask myself – how can I make it better?  I’m so inspired by the insanely talented artists featured in this video.  Damn, that big, blank wall outside’s looking like it needs some love…




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2 responses to “ON|REPEAT: Great Wall…Art

  1. i appreciate and agree w/ ur attitude. i’ve been so busy, but i’m glad i finally get to comment on your posts. keep it up! 🙂

  2. Where was this though and who shot the video?

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