DIY|The Cold-Shoulder Tee

Fast.  Simple.

Perfect for when you have to see that person you REALLY don’t wanna see

…because 1) you look effin hot & 2) well, you can give ’em the cold shoulder and blame it on the shirt.

Also great for those warmer days…I mean, how many shirts come equipped with their own ventilation system?




-good fabric scissors (no really…they’re gonna make your life SO much easier!)

1 & 2) Cut half-circle from one shoulder (starting from about 1.5-2 in. from the neckline & ending 2 in. past the shoulder seam).

3) Use the piece you just cut out as a template for the other side so both sides are symmetrical.

4) That’s it. Easiest tutorial ever, right?

Inspiration tops (clockwise from far left): black romper via, denim top via, dark gray knit top via, yellow knit top via, gray silk top via, sequined top via.



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2 responses to “DIY|The Cold-Shoulder Tee

  1. i’m about to try this for a denim shirt– would cutting over both layers at once work for such a thick material?

    • Nice! If you have super sharp fabric scissors – it could work. I’d recommend pinning the two layers together so it stays in place better. Otherwise, grab the closest piece of scrap paper and make a little stencil:) Post a pic the ResLo FB or Twitter – I’d love, love to see the finished product! 🙂

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