Three years ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of having my mind blown by GrooveSession, a funk/rock/jam band based out of Ontario, CA.  I snagged one of their demos at that first show &  played it incessantly for the next two weeks.  It’s a 3 song demo, by the way…that’s how awesome they are. GrooveSession, comprised of three passionate, talented dare I say goosebump-inducing musicians – Manny Sanchez on drums & vocals, his brother Ronny Sanchez on bass & Sarven Manguiat on guitar – is, easily, one of my favorite bands to catch live.  These guys…they MOVE people, and not just one homogeneous group, but a fantastically eclectic, heterogeneous mix, sampling from all walks of life.  Suits & hippies, aged Veterans & foreign exchange students, hipsters, bros, beach bums – all getting down to one groove, one beat.

I could go on & on (no really, I could. haha), but it all just boils down to this:  Music IS universal.  It DOES have the power to not only move people, but UNITE them.   And, if you get a chance to see GrooveSession live…take it.

image via GrooveSession  Myspace


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