On Sunday, I FINALLY got to attend my first SD Thread Show & it was everything I’d hoped it would be!  Located at Horton Plaza, the event showcased independent designers & local artists that are doing some very cool things.  A DIY section housed local companies like Sezio, who were screen-printing custom tees on the spot.  Diesel salon was making the world a more stylish place, one THREAD go-er at a time.  The ridiculously talented (& might I add, quite amiable) artists from ART KILLS ARTISTS were creating masterpieces like it was no big deal.  Consider me a thread-head – I’ll definitely be going back.  Now, if only I could somehow attend the SF & Seattle shows….


1) Urban Octopus – original artwork screenprinted by hand – I’m pretty much obsessed with this dapper shark.

2) Art Kills Artists – a crew of amazing artists creating incredible things – They sell a tshirt that says “End hunger. Support starving artists.” I want it.

3) Toygami – paper toys for adults – they’re sick & the artist, J, is a kind fella.

4) COATT Jewelry3 words: Morse Code Jewelry.

5) De Luna Designs they put a bird on it.

6) Liz Larios Jewlery – the sparkly stuff is called “titanium druzy” – not sure what that is, all I know is that it will one day be mine.

7) Grammatique – Upcycled fashion – a BIG, HUGE “thank you” goes out to designer, Kristina, who hooked me up with a complementary pass to the show!! I appreciate it so much:)

8 ) Double Happiness Design – SD made jewelry – again, I’m not sure what this ring is made of, but I want it.

9) Crow Thief – SD made apparel – their men’s shirt are awesome & their fabrics are quality.


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  1. I want I men’s shirt that is awesome.

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