How to wear bright colored skinnies..without getting all emo on us.

Three things to pay attention to when sporting the bright skinnies:

1) FIT: A slightly slouchy fit is chic, not emo.  Wear them too tight & you just might look like the token chubby emo kid…you know which one I’m talking about.

2) FABRIC: Twill or cotton give a modern twist to an old school look.

3) FOOTWEAR: Heels, flats, sandals, and boots…



Basically, I’ll show you how to wear tricky trends & pieces.  And as a special treat for my dapper ladies (& gentlemen), I’ll show you a more masculine alternative as well because let’s be real here, not everyone’s gonna dig the heels…and dapper ladies are hot.

Hit me up with your style questions & I’ll customize a LIKE|THIS post just for you:)

Mustard skinnies viaLike a girl: Topshop scarf via; Gray tank via; Smoky quartz ring via; Navy platform pumps via; Bangles via; Cognac x-body purse via. Like a boy: Leather jacket via; plaid button-down via; Navy tie via; Wingtip boots via.


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