When I was little, I was always encouraged to pursue whatever my heart desired.  If I wanted to be a fairy princess, my parents would buy me sparkly wings and a tiara.  If I wanted to be a dancer, they’d enthusiastically applaud my countless living room recitals.  Pop star, teacher, actor, fashion designer…I was raised to dream intrepidly. I knew I would have to one day “grow up” but I refused to EVER “grow old”.   At some point, bogged down with the complexities of life, we begin to lose sight of the things we really love, lose focus of the person we really want to be.  Fear, failure, family, fucking (so many F words apply) distract us, driving us down a different path because it’s easier, faster…safer.  And maybe your ok with it.  Or maybe one day you stumble across a little independent film that  forces you to remember what it’s like to dream and act without fear, inspires you to stop being a lame, old grown up and start facing life with that same intrepid conviction you had as a child…

Last fall, I saw that little independent film at the SD Asian Film Festival…it’s called Raspberry Magic.  Cheesy as it sounds,  Raspberry Magic made me realize that I was kinda “growing old”…and well, that just won’t do.

You can watch the film(for free!) in its entirety at Hulu.com HERE.


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