A Little Holiday Soiree: Shopping & Champagne

Last Friday, Vocabulary boutique had a festive little holiday soiree, complete with shopping & champagne.   Customers shopped local jewelry designer, Mimi & Lu‘s fabulous collection, while enjoying delicious cookies (and I mean, DELICIOUS!), courtesy of The Cookie Chew, and received expert beauty advice from the Italian Fashionista, all while sipping champagne and listening to classic holiday tunes.  The best part, though, was getting to know the fabulous, young women behind Mimi & Lu, The Cookie Chew, and the Italian Fashionista.   Not only did I find their passion for their craft infectious, and their drive to succeed inspiring….they were all charming to chat with as well!

Shopping, champagne, and great company…you really can’t go wrong with that combination!

Photos by me.



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2 responses to “A Little Holiday Soiree: Shopping & Champagne

  1. Love the photos! You have a good eye.

    I could go for a little bubbly right now *goes back to work depressed.*


  2. Aw…thank you!! It was so fun and I had a great time chatting with you and the other gals too. The store just FEELS like holiday right now which I love. (ps. Im STILL eating cookies!) 😉

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