Saving the Animals Never Sounded So Good

Last Friday, I attended GoGirls MusicFest2010 at Queen Bee’s in North Park, knowing I was in for a musical treat.  Kitten with a Whip rocked it out, with an amazing lady on the bass, Ms. Laura Payne who was not only playing with TWO bands that night, but who also helped put on the great event!  Liquid Blue was entertaining, busting out the classic rock WITH choreography.

Rhythm and the Method put on a great show…as usual.  This time around though, they had modern dancers!  While the band played “4th Dimension” the three dancers were leaping over one another and doing graceful (but CRAZY) tricks on a piece of silk that was suspended from the ceiling.  RatM always keeps it interesting.

And then there was Ms. Jaylen Green, who debuted her new band that night.  Not gonna lie, I was both nervous AND excited for my girl…but she KILLED it!  Her original songs in full-band form were dynamic and her cover of Citizen Cope’s “Sideways” oozed Jaylen Green soul.  Rhythm and the Method’s harp player, Chowda, and afterschoolspecial‘s emcee, DanAKADan, both made surprise guest appearances.  So very excited to see more from this band…and you KNOW I’ll be keeping you posted.

All Jaylen Green photos by Charcee Starks.


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One response to “Saving the Animals Never Sounded So Good

  1. Wifey

    Very cool Wifey, so glad you were there ;0)

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