With temperatures slowly dropping (in every part of the US that is apparently not SD) and the holiday season quickly approaching, I got to thinking about…presents.  Each year, I promise myself I’m going to finish all my holiday shopping early, and each year…I don’t.  To add to the joy, I’m pretty strapped for cash, so I’m embracing an ingenious lesson I learned in 1st grade: A gift from the hand is a gift from the heart!  This new DIY SERIES will feature not only fun little crafty projects you could do inside on a cold, cold day, but projects that’ll make fantastically personal gifts as well.  ENJOY!

Love the simplicity of these frames!  Wall full of frames – fun, spackling nail holes when it’s time to move out – not so much.  It’s a perfect solution for people who don’t want to deal with putting holes in the wall (aka: kid sister who lives in the dorms, friend with the crazy landlord, lazy friend who’s barren walls depress you).

CLICK HERE for the full HOW-TO, courtesy of DesignSponge.




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2 responses to “NEW SERIES:: DIY: Framed!

  1. its all about the D.I.Y.!!!! peep this site for some DOPE future ideas 🙂

    you can find diy directions to make like ANYTHING there…. we are talking power generators, costumes, alll SORTS of RANDOM ass shit… hhahah

    • Nice! Thanks for sharing that with me:) You KNOW I’ll be spending some quality time on that site. Not sure about power generators but it’s nice to know I could if I needed to. Haha.

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