Jeweliany: Constellations & Dinosaurs

Fact: I am a Cancer.

I am moody.  And yes, I can be stubborn.

But wearing necklaces with crabs or 69’s on them…yeah, not so much.

So, thank you Ms. Julie Simpson for creating Jeweliany and bringing those of us born between June 21-July 22 these fantastic alternatives.  Also, the brontosaurus pendant makes my day.

*Oh, and PLUS 10 points for being a SDSU alumnus.

You can see these little beauties in person at Vocabulary Boutique in Little Italy or Mimi & Red in North Park.

Images: Photo by Danielle Bessemer, necklaces via



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5 responses to “Jeweliany: Constellations & Dinosaurs

  1. Wifey

    I really like these, very nice gemini and cancer necklaces ;0)

  2. Awesome. I want to know what Aries looks like.

    Also, I linked your blog on a “my favorite blogs” post on my site. I hope you do not mind?


  3. Summer

    I LOVE these! Me want!

  4. chichichic

    These are so beautiful… weird, I took my puppy out for a pee at 3 am yesterday and remarked at how beautiful the constellations look in the dead night…. beautiful find!

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