Adventures in the Emerald City

Great Wizard of Oz, I think I’d like to stay here a little while…

Seattle was incredible.  Beautiful, lush, laid-back….everything it was supposed to be, except rainy.  The weather held out (for me, I’d like to think) and I was able to explore the city umbrella-free.  I had half a day to see as much as I could, so I took to the streets and discovered the city the best way I knew how…by foot.  The city had so much personality, and I loved discovering its little eccentricities.  Art was everywhere.  From the numerous sculptures, to the graffiti-ed walls.  The SODO light rail station had the sickest black & white mural.  And how could you NOT love a city that welcomed you with a live acoustic performance of “Turn Your Lights Down Low”?  As if it couldn’t get better, everywhere you looked you saw the most intense shades of green.  As my friend, C, so eloquently put it, ” The hills are exploding with trees! Someone should do something about that.”  All that oxygen, that crisp, clean fresh air…wish I could’ve had just a couple more days.  Guess I’ll just have to click my heels & return to the Emerald City someday…like, soon.

Photos are all original & taken by me.


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  1. Dani, Im so happy for you that you go to go on this trip, AND your writing to describe the city is superb, i can really picture it and feel as if Ive gotten a true taste of the Emerald City myself. Keep on keep on Big Fish

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