Oh, Make Me Over…

Two words: Clinton Kelly.  Women love him.  They fawn over him.  They want to be dressed (& undressed) by him. On a daily basis, the What Not to Wear host receives countless invitations home with complete strangers…and its because he’s good at what he does.  The man KNOWS how to dress a real woman.  But more than that…he UNDERSTANDS the psychology behind the insecurities.  This past week, along with the fabulous ladies of Style Studio & Macy’s, I had the opportunity to, not only re-discover Seattle, but to work with Clinton Kelly again.  We spent three full days styling 12 real women, confronting insecurities and challenging comfort levels.  Exhausting, trying…rewarding.  On the final day, the 12 women strutted down the runway, and the genuine excitement & tears of joy made the entire experience completely worth it.  They’re lives were changed.  With one outfit, we changed their lives.  To some, a red pump is a ridiculous, flashy shoe…to others its liberation, confidence…regained sex appeal.  Macy’s Make Over America was an incredible experience that I feel super fortunate to have been a part of!  Having Clinton Kelly tell us that “Style Studio was his favorite styling team” was pretty rad too…ok, it was fucking amazing.


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