Hidden Treasure

End of the Day
After perusing the Little Italy Mercato, a couple friends & I decided to embark on a little Saturday afternoon adventure.  Bellies full of panini and gelato, we began meandering down India Street.  About a block into our stroll, we came across this warm, little gallery, the Pecoff Gallery.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into…the perfect Saturday was about to get even better…epic, even.  Grant Pecoff’s artwork is incredible.  Each painting sways with familiar oceanic movement. Refreshing. Colorful. Alive. Just as refreshing as the artwork, are Grant and his wife/business partner, Layne.  Somehow, J ended up performing an original song for them and the artistic bond was sealed.  On top of being an amazing artist, the Pecoffs are just genuinely good people, with kind hearts, just doing their part to make the world’s beauty a little more vivid. So if its a lazy Saturday and you’re in the mood for great art and good conversation, head over to the Pecoff Gallery on India. 


Liquid Sunset

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