the muse…

They say every artist should have a muse. Well, at the point that I’m ready to consider myself an artist, I’d make the lovely Ms. Freja Beha Erichsen my muse in a heartbeat. The Dorian Gray to my Basil Hallward, minus the whole soul transfering into the painting mess. Adding spice to a world full of token leggy blonds, season after season, she’s walked every major runway at fashion week. She’s got some 18 tattoos (which automatically scores major points in my book). She’s got this badass, laid-back street style…leather jackets, tees, and black…lots of black Androgyny. Edge. A great smile. And….that swagger…damn. The girl is beautiful and all I’m saying is…I’d kick it with her.


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Filed under androgyny, fashion, freja beha, the hotness

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