oh catoctin…

so, during my 3rd year at sdsu (& what feels like a lifetime ago), i lived here:

well, yesterday morning, i learned that the place was making headlines.

basicallly, here’s what happened: the place was on fire, “blazing it up” if you will, so firefighters were called in. upon entering the house, they found about 100 pot plants. they quickly extinguished the fire, the house now “baked”, & brought the resident in for “smoke inhalation”.

i kid you not. a weed bust at my old place. seriously, can’t make this shit up.

way to keep it classy, catoctin. just another crazy story to add to the baylor saga. gotta love college!

check out the full article here: http://www.10news.com/news/19379220/detail.html


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