HILARI-TEE|Sincerely Jules’ Spring/Summer 2014


I’ve found it. Finally.

The ever elusive unicorn that is…my style spirit animal.  My style Patronus, if you will.

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock for the past few years because Sincerely Jules has been blogging since 2009, and I’m only now just discovering her.  The epitome of California chic – her laid-back style is effortlessly chic, an understated mix of urban edge and SoCal playfulness. New school & old school. Modern & classic.  Did I mention the girl’s all for rocking sneakers over heels? Le swoon.

Aaaanyway, style wifey just launched the Spring/Summer 2014 line for her equally ah-mazing t-shirt line and it’s invoking all kinds of warm weather feels.  Pineapples, flamingos, palm trees…yes, please!

You can see the whole Spring/Summer 2014 Sincerely Jules line here: http://sincerelyjules.bigcartel.com



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LIFE IS SWEET|Carte Noire Dessert Porn


It’s Friday. Time to relax your mind. Indulge your senses.  Gratify your insatiable appetite…for dessert. Duh.

French coffee company, Carte Noire, knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they shared these titillating dessert instructionals with the world.  Creating joy, that’s what.  Sweet, delectable joy.


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Well, these hand collar dickeys from the Italian line, Vivetta, made my day.  Always down for fashion with a clever sense of humor.

PS: Dickeys are false shirt fronts, originally designed to be worn with men’s formalwear. So, get yo mind outta the gutter.

modaoperanidi_handcollar modaoperandi_handcollar_all

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Pleasantly surprised to find these warm weather wants at Forever 21! Stepping it up in the men’s dept, I see.

Yes, they are technically men’s shirts, BUT they come in XS, which means us ladies can wear them too!! I’m thinking the pineapple shirt paired with some khaki shorts & some black leather slip-on sneakers.

Oh, PS: Yeah, they’re all under $20. What?!

forever21_flamingoprintshirt forever21_surfsupslimfitshirt forever21_pineappleprintcottonshirt forever21_tropicprintpocketshirt



Flamingo shirt | Surfs Up shirt | Pineapple shirt | Palm tree shirt

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This man’s Khaleesi, the moon of his life…is an actual moon.

In his on-going project “Private Moon“, Russian artist Leonid Tishkov shares his quiet love affair with the ever enchanting moon, an illuminated human-sized crescent.   Traveling the world with his Lady Moon, Tishkov tells a most romantic tale of whimsy and wanderlust. Heart strings pulled.

You can view all the “Private Moon” images HERE.

leonidtishkov_aquarium leonidtishkov_attic leonidtishkov_cityscape leonidtishkov_onaboat

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WORKIN IT|AJ Rafael x ISAtv “Matchmaker” Music Video


Recently, I had the pleasure of styling AJ Rafael’s latest music video, “Matchmaker“, directed by Jason Poon. The BEST part of my job, no contest, is getting to meet and work with so many insanely creative, ridiculously hard-working people.  Over our 12-hr shoot at YouTube Space LA, I styled some 20 people (4 band members, plus extras) in 4 distinct party looks…and I’m pretty sure I was laughing the whole way through.  Working hard for sure, but laughing all along the way.  THAT is why I love my job.  Everyone involved was down-to-earth and just downright happy to be there. Also, there were donuts. Lots of donuts.  Good people AND donuts? I mean, that right there is a combination destined for a good time.

Playing matchmaker themselves (see what I did there?), ISAtv, who produced the video, introduced me to fellow costume designer, Pei Lynn Juang, my partner-in-crime for the video’s art & costume design team.  Like the multi-talented champ that she is, on the day of the shoot, she ended up in charge of dressing the set….& she killed it.  Check out who this fabulous lady is over on her blog: Have Peitience.

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ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: The Grand Budapest Hotel


There’s a very special place in my heart I have reserved for cherishing whimsical notions such as: Unicorns, macarons, ranunculus, topiary gardens, chiffon…and Wes Anderson.  It’s a magical, candy-colored little place that makes me down right giddy – in an  “It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die!” kind of way.  Naturally, then, with the release of his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel (as it goes every time he introduces a new film), I become obsessed with every little, quirky, intentional detail.  The images look stunning! I cannot WAIT to see it!!

The Grand Budapest Hotel - TheGrandBudapestHotel - Boxesandboxes TheGrandBudapestHotel_CourtesansAuChocolat2

And then, there’s this gem: How to Make a Courtesan au Chocolat.

A video that teaches you how to make the gorgeous pastries pictured above.  I would not be mad if Wes Anderson’s next project was a cooking show! One can only imagine how delicious and magical and delicious and fantastical that show would be….le sigh.

All images via The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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